A 6-year-old Jon Boriss (that’s me) takes a photo of his mum and dad with a disposable film camera. I’d like to say it was destiny and I was always meant to be a photographer, but that comes later in the story!


Fast-forward to 2008, and I’m a 16 year old self-confessed geek, about to leave High School, and embark on my journey in the big wide world. Having always been a huge film fanatic, I enrolled at college on a Media Production course at college. It really caught my interest, as at the time my friends and I were spending our time Freerunning and filming on our digital cameras. Fast-forward again to 2009, it’s my second year as Media student. I was videography mad - I was sure that it was my calling in life! I was going to go and make films or work in TV.

Que one summer afternoon, we’re in contextual studies (I couldn’t stand theory work). The tutor is nowhere to be seen, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to sneak out for a cigarette break. I’m halfway down the corridor and who comes around the corner… The tutor (well, sh*t!..) He had spotted me! “Just the person” he bellowed. (Double sh*t, I’m in trouble…) Walking alongside him is another student from a different department who was organising a band night at a large venue in Middleton town centre. I wasn’t in trouble - My tutor had an exciting proposition for me! As they approached me, they asked me if I’d be willing to go and photograph the event. I said yes of course, but I would need to borrow a camera from the college.


Extremely nervous and somewhat anxious, I arrived at the bar on the Thursday night, not knowing what to expect (and to an extent - what to do) I began photographing the evening documentary style. I loved it! That September I re-enrolled at college on a Photography course. The rest is history!


Fast forward 11 years to 2020 and here we are… My name is Jon Boriss, I am a photographer, and it is a pleasure to meet you.


Smile for the camera!

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